Basheer Tome

Bits n' Bobs

Short films and quick little side projects

Audi R8 Short Film: The Journey

The Journey

Director of Photography


See the full story at the Mantis Films Site. I was the Director of Photography, helping craft the aesthetic feel while planning and shooting this series of vignettes and short films for Audi in March 2014 with Mantis Films, alongside Tamer Shaaban and Ien Chi.

Lamborghini Aventador Short Film: Midnight Run

Midnight Run

Assistant Director of Photography


I was the assistant directory of photography with Mantis Films, again alongside Tamer Shaaban and Ien Chi, helping shoot this whirlwind of a film over the course of 24 hours with Lamborghini's newest car at the time, the Aventador, in May 2013.

Motion Graphics Reel 2014

A collection of various motion pieces I made this fall while delving deeper into Cinema 4D and avoiding other, more important work.


Flip Drive: Two usb drives in one

Sometimes you just need a bigger barrier than software. By combining two extremely thin flash chips back-to-back, I created a double-sided usb flash drive that when inserted one way contains one set of files on one side and a completely different set on the other.

Drift: Sleeplag Calculator Webapp


Drift is a fun little web app that helps you figure out which timezone it's sane for you to be waking up or going to sleep in at that moment. The code is available on Github and you can view the app and save it to your homescreen on iOS through Safari at

Goodmorning & Goodnight: Lifestyle Blog


Near the end of high school, I created a blog called Goodmorning and Goodnight where I posted a variety of curated links, photos, videos, and more. By the end of 2 years, I'd garnered 6,000,000+ visitors, some great letters from fans, and a few ad sponsors.